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Brittany Schmidt

Brittany Schmidt

Psychic Medium

Intuitive Empath

Spiritual Mentor

Brittany Schmidt

Self-Care Tools: Affirmation Decks & Journaling Guides

Creator of amazing affirmation and journal prompt decks, to help others lean into loving themselves and creating a self care routine to assist with their journaling practice.

Metaphysical Connection, Spiritual Guidance & Healing

Offering understanding and hope through her connection to spirit- Brittany uses her intuitive and psychic gifts to bring clarity, peace, and guidance to her clients.


Brittany Schmidt is a multidiverse spiritual wellness specialist. Her clairvoyant abilities and practice in psychic energy healing allows her to aid her clients through a variety of treatment options and supportive guidance. Outside of her individual 1:1 support work, more events featuring Brittany's services are a part of the Indigo Lounge Calendar, such as the next up and coming Spirit Says Dinner Event!

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