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Kelly Spencer

Owner & Operator of Indigo Lounge

Yoga  + Meditation Instructor

Certified Advanced Life Coach

Author & Speaker
Mindfulness Specialist

Kelly Spencer


Kelly is passionate about all things holistic wellness: which is why she founded Indigo Lounge as a centre for service providers that support and work cohesively together within the fields of alternative wellness to provide support to individuals through their multi-faceted approaches to supporting individuals with their health. Her vision was to create a hub for holistic health and creative professionals to showcase their skills, while promoting full-body, soul, and heart health- as well as the ultimate enjoyment of life.

A Certified Advanced Life Coach, Specialist in Axiatonial Alignment Treatments (Energy and Chakra Balancing), and Yoga Instructor; Kelly offers services in-house and at various facilities throughout the community such as retirement living homes and retreat-based events such as Beach Yoga Lessons. 

Her writing has been featured in multiple publications and distributed to readers around the world. Stay tuned for more information on upcoming writing projects!

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